That’s right November has been a banner month, not just because Lauren and I celebrated our 12 Year Anniversary, and not because I started at job at the Credit Union.  No, November saw more traffic across my blog that any month previously recorded.  In fact traffic has been building steadily for the past 6 months.  And no it does not include my visits, nice try. Traffic Report

By far the most popular stories are my article on trying to get my Facebook account back after it had been hacked appearently this happens to a whole lot of people and they get directed to my site by Google.  Coming in second is my blog pleading with the writers of 24 to kill off Jack Bauer then make him go through another autrocity of a season like last season.  In third place is my article on How to Use Disney’s Photopass.  As good as Disney is about putting great things together they do not do a great job explaining to visitors to their parks just how wonderful this service is.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to let 870 visits a month go to my head, I’m not quiting my job …yet … there’s too much good material in there, and I won’t be walking into the Golden Corral expecting to be given priority seating (I know you still have to tip the gal to get the best table.)  

If you are a frequent, or just an occasional reader, I do want to thank you.