So the boys and I tokk our bikes to Lake Benson park in Garner, NC. There they have a 1.2 mile paved bike trail that is mostly flat and it’s a great place to ride with the boys.

On our second circuit we noticed some people setting up a bunch of white chairs. By the start of our fourth circuit they were still setting up but the placed a sign in the middle of the bike path clearly meant to disuade people from going any further that said Wedding in Progress – Please be Considerate.

I find it ironic that someone can be so insanely self-absorbed to actually hold a wedding next to a bike path and expect to be able to close down a bike path in a public park. Please be considerate indeed.

So on our way back to the truck we had ride up the road instead of the bike path and Wesley was almost run over the rednecks coming into the park for the wedding.

If you choose to hold an event in a public park don’t expect the public to stop using it.