So I’ve just come off a whirlwind tour of America for the purpose of reviewing datacenters for a new business venture we’ll be launching. In a matter of two and a half weeks I’ve visited: Las Vegas (7 Days), Los Angeles (4 Days), Portland 2 Days, Washington DC (2 Days), and Boston (2 Days). I am done. I swear right here and now that I will not visit more than two places in a 30 days timeframe again.

But while this travel was exhausting it got me thinking about how much travel I’ve done in my 16 years of professional work. And while I’m certainly no traveling sales man I’ve seen alot of cities in the US and some I’d even like to visit again. In order to see all of the places I’ve traveled to I wanted to put together a online map that I could use to track my travel. So I went to Google and used the “My Maps” feature to create my own online map.

While this map is very basic, I wanted to create a map with small push pins in the places I’ve visited. Using My Maps I created a new map called My Travel and after searching for each of the cities I wanted to mark I could right click and place a placemark on the map and fill in some information about that spot. You can even link to online photos of the area which I will tackle in an upcoming blog post. But here is the net result:

Google Travel Map

View Live Interactive Map

As you can tell this service also allows you to publish your map for your visitors to see and find you. You could easily use this on your site to create an online guide to your locations or points of interest.