So let me get this straight . . . .the iPhone comes out and a small number of dedicated AppleFans proudly and very publicly shell out $599 for the product and now they’re bitching that Apple dropped the price to increase business.  Isn’t this how technology works?  Early adopters pay extraordinary prices so they can be the first one on the block to have the product.  They typically then proceed to tell everyone what they bought and often how much they spent for it . . . .wait could that be why they are upset?

They spent so much time flashing their iPhone around to impress their fellow technophiles and now Apple has lowered the cost and their “exclusivity” or cache is lost.  Many people instead of being impressed by their $599 purchase will instead take them for fools for spending so much so early. 

So with one announcement from Apple they went from “well-off” connected technophiles to fools.  I guess that would piss me off too.  But whining about the price cut is not going to help your case, now it just makes you look desperate.  If $200 is really going to make a difference to you then YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT THE iPHONE!