Perhaps the most visible result of the Internet’s world wide use is the explosion of information that is being published by everyone from News Corp to  . . .well people like us .  . . .bloggers.  I beleive that this overload of information has forced most of us to specialize or narrow our interests.  this could also be the result of us getting older.  If we do narrow our interests as we mature then this deluge of information becomes increasingly more oppressive.  How can you keep up with the news you need or want to know about like your hobbies, your employer, or your neighborhood when there is so much information to sort through to find the nuggets you want?  The answer, dear reader, is to create your own news feed.  It’s actually suprisingly easy and you can do it in less than 5 minutes.

Let’s pretend that I have an interest in Coin Collecting but I’m soooo busy with my collection that I can’t possibly sift through the vast amount of drivel on net to hear what the US Mint is doing. . .  this sounds like a great idea for a news feed.


Go To Google 

When you arrive on Google’s home page check the upper left corner for the link to News – click it.


When you click the link, the page will refresh to show you the top stories of the day. Enter the topic, person, or business you want to keep track of. For mine I’ll enter the US Mint.


After you click search Google returns all of the new stories about the topic, person, or organization you entered.


If you are satisfied with the results and would like to get new articles that match your search term via email, click the “News Alerts” link on the left hand side.


Here you can provide the email address that you’d like to have the notifications sent to and choose how frequently you’d like to be notified of a matching story.


Now if any news article or press release comes out about your topic you’ll receive and email notification with a link to the latest. Talk about being in the loop!


After you have tested your search terms in Google’s news portal click the RSS link just below the News Alerts link on the left hand side.


The page will show the RSS feed with Google’s stylesheet.


Copy the URL and you can now use this in any RSS reader that you are comfortable with. iGoogle, MyYahoo, NetVibes, etc. I used the exact same process to create a custom feed for news about my employer and added it to my NetVibes page. (see below)


This is really easy to setup and can keep you “in the know”.

– Kris