So I spent the weekend helping my parents move out of the house I grew up in.  It was really surreal to go through the house and the rush of memories that came back as I reminisced with my family.  Not to mention the rush of soreness and pain that actually comes from moving so much crap.

Steve On Moving Day

My brother Steve Helping on Moving Day

Eventually the reinforcements arrived to help.

Matt and Steve

Mat and Steve fight over who is going to take the next heavy thing to the truck.  and I think Matt is hiding behind the dolly.

At the Bar For Dinner

Steve and Dad in the bar as we wait for our table at Uno’s for dinner.

Bross at Uno's

Bross and Matt with us in the bar STILL waiting for our table . . . . 25 Minutes My Ass!

After dinner we went back and finished packing up the house.  It was weird walking out of the house you grew up in and knowing that you won’t be back.  Now someone else will call it home and begin building their memories there.  We weren’t the first family in the house and now we know we won’t be the last.  It is kinda cool that the little sister of a guy I knew in school will now own the house but they won’t appreciate the long history we built there.  They like us will begin building their ideas of home in a new place.  I sincerely hope that they find as much happiness and love in that wonderful old house as we found so many years ago.

So this the Kovacs family checking out.

Leaving the Homestead.

The Kovacs Family Checking Out . . . . .23 Years Older . . .